This website reveals a marvelous story of a 20th Century Yogi who was at times a Digambara (naked) in the bitter cold weather of Himalayas subsequently becoming a fellow of the Institute of Physics, London. This is the story of Swami Jnanananda, a great classical saint and a great modern scientist. His life is the best of Eastern and Western cultures with a clear message for all.


This website contains his biography revealing:

  • This website contains his biography revealing:
  • His intense practice of Yoga in bitter cold weather of Himalayas and attainment of Nirvikalpa Samadhi (Higher Consciousness).
  • His audio recording of pilgrimage as a naked yogi to Mount Kailas.
  • His travel to Germany to teach Yoga and Indian Philosophy,
  • His fascination for physics to explain Yogic experiences.
  • His debut into western education that lead to researches in X-ray Physics and Nuclear Physics during World War II and getting awarded D.Sc and Ph.D degrees in Europe and England.
  • His travel to USA for post doctoral research and his return to India to foster scientific research and education for India's peace and prosperity with his own example of the practice of Yoga in action (Karma Yoga).
  • His writings and speeches including a collection of poems.
  • His disciples and a gallery of his pictures.